Open Source code

Placeholder for documentation, API, and links to open source code I authored and made available on repository.

Prism HTML code syntax highlighter, supported languages.

How to define the master file when using TextMate for latex typesetting.

Easy way to prepare source code listing with syntax highlighting for LaTeX.

Mind-map for computer networking protocols.

Fixing Dropbox overly accentuated up to date green checkmark icon.


I am teaching the TinyOS and nesC segments in the following courses at Washington University in St. louis.

CSE 467S Embedded Computing Systems

Introduces the issues, challenges, and methods for designing embedded computing systems. Examples of embedded systems include mobile phones, game consoles, home appliances and automobiles. Emphasis is given to aspects of design that are distinct to embedded systems. The course examines software and system-level design issues such as power management, program analysis, real-time operating systems, real-time scheduling and wireless sensors. Students will perform a course project on real wireless sensors.
This is a senior level class. Credits: 3 units.

CSE 521S Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks are pervasive computing systems consisting of smart sensors embedded in physical environments. Wireless sensor networks provide a basis for new computing paradigms that challenges many classical approaches to distributed computing and networking. Embedded operating systems, wireless network protocols, and approaches to power management, real-time, and middleware services fundamentally change when confronted with this new environment. Wireless sensor network is an exciting research area with many promising applications. This course will study cutting-edge research papers that deal with various aspects of wireless sensor networks. Students will perform hands-on, system projects using motes (tiny devices consisting of sensors, radios, and microprocessors).
This is a graduate level class. Credits: 3 units. Prerequisites: CSE 422S or equivalent (operating systems) or under permission of instructor.