eCommerce platform

CEPM eCommerce platform

Comversa is a B2B eCommerce platform. It can be integrated into the corporate ERP of both trading partners (seller and buyers) as well as Ariba. The system services are abstracted behind a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) bus. On the seller's side, Comversa integrates into the Creative production workflow, Content Management System (CMS), and ERP systems. Specifically, the API allows modularized integration with the ERP's order management, inventory control, supply chain, and analytics.

On the buyer's side, the Comversa user interface is customizable. The UI appears as an in-house web-app that is part of the client's internal procurement process. Alternatively, the client IT can use the API to invoke services in Comversa from their own ERP system, resulting in no change to their business processes.


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