Fixing Dropbox overly accentuated up to date icon

Dropbox for OS X Yosemite displays an overly accentuated green icon to denote that a file is up-to-date (synced). It uses similarly in-your-face icons for other file status update, but these are either transient or not so bad to be in-your-face (such as an error in syncing).
The uptodate Dropbox icon though appears for all files, and in my opinion defeats the purpose of a good user interface. The state of being up to date is one of those cases where the user should be very thankful for the excellent service of Dropbox, but she or he don't really want to know about to boldly.

There is a nice post by Michael Helmbrecht that fixes this problem: How to get rid of the new Dropbox checkmarks on Yosemite but it completely eliminates the up-to-date icon. As user interfaces go, this is the other side of the extreme, having no icon at all. I believe that reducing the intensity of the icons to a reasonable level may be a better way. The icons file provided here does exactly that. It is is the original icons file from the Dropbox OSX app version 3.2.x with the color intensity tuned down. Download the file by clicking on the large green checkmark image below and then follow the instructions on Michael's post.

An abbreviated version of Michael's instructions are repeated here:
- Using Finder go to Applications, right click and choose Show Package Content of the Dropbox app.
- Then go to Content/PlugIns/ and Show Package Content of garcon.appex file.
- In Content/Resources rename Dropbox's file from overlay-uptodate.icns to overlay-uptodate.icns.original or something similar.
- Copy the file downloaded here to the directory in which you renamed the original (the Content/Resources directory).
- Relaunch Finder for the change to take effect (hold down the option key and right click on Finder on the Dock, then choose Relaunch).

Here is the icons file you need:
Download the modified icons file for Dropbox

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