Hello, my name is Rahav Dor

I build things. Frequently, it would be software.

Rahav Dor

Rahav Dor
MSc Computer Engineering
MSc Computer Science

Washington University
Computer Science & Engineering
Bryan Hall, Room 502D

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Cloud and network security

Global Velocity consulting

With Global Velocity I guided research and development of a novel line of network security products; Creating their cloud services market. These products minimize information leakage and data theft from computer networks.


I am a full stack engineer, all the way up from the hardware. I observe the world and build things that add value to our interactions with it. Most of the time I build software, but I invented and built hardware as well. I'm also known to have build organizations if there's a good reason to give up being hands-on for a while.


Building of things is a social activity that greatly benefit when diverse talents flocks to build it. The people, diversity of thoughts and skills are the difference between wide adoption and the product being a blip, because even great technology requires product positionning, amazingly easy UI, 100-second tutorials, cool web site, marketing, sales, .... In many of my endeavors I was fortunate to work with such talent. Thank you all.

Who's this guy?

I was competent or lucky enough to be effective in multiple industries, check out my Projects to learn a little bit more. My most recent passion is Blockchain and how it can be used to enable the Internet of Things (IoT). Hyped is the IoT and much innovation is needed if we do not want to end up with closed-vendor systems. This is where I'm bringing Blockchain into the picture and the theme of my PhD dissertation. The Embedded and real-time systems lab that I am a part of at Washington University in St. Louis. was ranked #1 in the US (and the world) in 2017.

I have built a number of start-ups. Three successful, one not, and fifth is in the making. I led teams as the CTO in private and public companies, small and large. Currently I'm the CTO with Pieces Technologies where a bunch of physicians and engineers are building clinical AI in the cloud.


I care and produce clean, efficient, reliable (self-healing when needed), and extensible code. I design first, use apt algorithms and data structures, and write in-code documentation. You can read my code as a piece of art.