Rahav Dor

High-tech executive, Inventor, Computer Scientist

Rahav Dor

Rahav Dor
BSc Computer Science
MSc Computer Engineering

Washington University
Computer Science & Engineering
Bryan Hall, Room 502D

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Cloud and network security

Global Velocity consulting

For Global Velocity I guided research and development of a novel line of network security products; Creating a cloud services market. These products minimize information leakage and data theft from computer networks.


Thank you for visiting my portfolio web site.

The journey of taking an invention or new technology from concept to launch is principally a story about value-creation. Whether I envision a multi-faceted system for a large corporation or an app focused on one objective. It's a rewarding journey within an existing organization, confined to its existing human capital, legacy systems, market pressures, and regulations. Often, winning over people's minds is as intriguing as developing the technology. Inventing something novel, and building it, is especially exhilarating when the users or market do not yet exist.

I am infatuated (and have long-term relationships) with software, hardware, science, engineering, and all things technology. But what I am proud of the most is that I build value for people, not simply technology. I take time to understand how people work, think, and seek order in their jobs and lives. I reason about what might it take for a company to become an important player in a market. I bridge the gap between users and technology and weave technology into work and living spaces to aid people, to better the world, to make things smarter, to go faster, to see beyond our natural limitations.

I am a full-stack architect and a developer. Most of my work is a result of absorbing the world around me. I have built a number of successful start-ups and was involved with other people's start-ups, as well. I have had a rewarding career as both a CTO and CIO in private and public companies. I am currently working on my doctoral degree in Computer Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. My mentor is Dr. Chenyang Lu. I passed the qualification exam and portfolio review in 2012 and the candidacy review committee in 2013. My thesis research is aimed at the Internet of Things. Prior to that particular academic focus, I researched Medical systems that could be improved when a Wireless Sensor Network is present.

This web site invites you to explore and learn about my career experience. I would be happy to respond to any question or comment you may have.